Green Action

23 arrested in night raid on peaceful protest against the destruction of Zagreb pedestrian zone

Riot police arrest 23 in night raid on peaceful protest against the destruction of Zagreb pedestrian zone
11.02.10. 01:00

If you say the incinerator is that good, how about than you build it in Pantovčak?!

Report from waste incinerator project presentation. Around 80 citizens of the Zagreb suburb of Resnik came to a public presentation organized by Green Action where they were able to get more information regarding the planned construction of a waste incinerator in Zagreb.
04.03.07. 02:00

Green Action demands immediate ratification of the Kyoto protocol

Green Action demands immediate ratification of the Kyoto protocol and the activation of the program encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
28.02.07. 20:00

European campaign against climate change activation

 We invite you to the press conference, which will be held on Thursday, March 1st at 10:30 a.m. in Green Action.
27.02.07. 20:00

Public discussion: ”North tangent as the part of project tunnel through Medvednica”

In front of full auditorium speakers, the problems of the tangent project were introduced along with solutions for public transport issues through the reduction of car uses, especially in the city's center.
29.01.07. 20:00
Transport Report

Advice for public

Advice for public regarding answers of the Council and Croatian president S. Mesić following the law breaking inspections of Sandra Benčić, a representative of NGO, done by secret services.
25.01.07. 20:00

Demonstration on the ”NGO day"

 Demonstration on the ”NGO day" held by organization. "Jadranka, why are you sending secret services on us?”
17.01.07. 20:00

Solar collectors workshop

Solar collectors self-building economically and ecologically pay off.
08.01.07. 20:00

Ecology and winter sports

Artificial ice is in great use this winter due to lack of snow at the ski tracks all over the Europe and world. The problem lies in a fact that under artificial snow is found a 11% decrease of plant species. This issue also rises as artificial snow contains twice bigger amount of water in itself and early spring vegetation delays.

Action: Zagreb incinerator EIA approval faces legal challenge, 01.12.2006

Croatian environmental group Green Action has launched a legal appeal against the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed 385 000 tonnes per year Zagreb incinerator, on the grounds that it was approved without a public consultation.
01.12.06. 19:10

Integrated Transboundary River Basin Management of the Sava

Through the Water and Ecosystems Programme, the Dutch government supports the implementation of the Framework Agreement by providing technical assistance to the establishment of a Sava Basin Commission and by supporting the elaboration of an Integrated River Basin Management Plan.
03.07.06. 02:00

Network of Local Actors from the Sava River Basin on Water Resource Management

The project is done in cooperation with the OSCE, UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and REC (The Regional Environmental Center) COs. The workshops were organized in all countries on: "Ensuring the quality and quantity of fresh water in the Sava River Basin", which all took in 2005
03.07.06. 02:00

Project: Danube Regional Project Component 1.1-9-Development of the Pilot River Basin Management Plan for the Sava

The Sava River Basin was selected as a model region for the development of a River Basin Management Plan.
29.06.06. 02:00

Sava Commission

On 27th of June 2005 International Sava River Basin Commission was established. Parties of the Commission are representatives of: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro.
29.06.06. 02:00

Sava River Basin: Sustainable Use, Management and Protection of Resources

The main objective of this project is to provide local authorities, governments, stakeholders, decision-makers, experts and site owners in the Sava River Basin countries with decision-support tools for the sustainable management of the river basin resources.
29.06.06. 02:00

Regional Conference: "Sustainable development in the Mt. Velebit area"

Providing livelihoods to local communities and protecting natural and cultural heritage on Croatia’s way to the European Union Partners


Croatian Laws and International regulations define the responsibilities of flora and fauna protection in the upper part of the Drava river basin in Croatia
22.02.06. 17:53

FACTSHEET: Drava River: Destruction of a unique river ecosystem!

Croatian Water Management Authorities are currently carrying out the largest river engineering project in the whole Drava river basin.
22.02.06. 17:08


WWF, in support of its local partner the Drava League, has requested the Croatian Waters Company and its governing body the State Water Authority, to halt immediately the river regulation works, and the combined large scale extraction of river gravels directly from the riverbed, being carried out on the Stara Drava (’Old Drava’) upstream of the city of Varazdin.
22.02.06. 16:34