FACTSHEET: Drava River: Destruction of a unique river ecosystem!

Croatian Water Management Authorities are currently carrying out the largest river engineering project in the whole Drava river basin.
22.02.06. 17:08


WWF, in support of its local partner the Drava League, has requested the Croatian Waters Company and its governing body the State Water Authority, to halt immediately the river regulation works, and the combined large scale extraction of river gravels directly from the riverbed, being carried out on the Stara Drava (’Old Drava’) upstream of the city of Varazdin.
22.02.06. 16:34

Action: Do you want a toxic waste dump in your community?, 16.02.2006

Green Action staged a street theatre performance to call on Zagreb County not to accept a recent proposal for a toxic waste dump to be built there. If signed the deal would require the County to construct a toxic waste dump in exchange for having its waste burnt in the planned Zagreb incinerator.
16.02.06. 02:00
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The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has the primary objective of ensuring that international trade in wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.
01.02.06. 22:51
Natural Resources

New hunting law proposal in Croatia

Green Action has prepared position paper on the new law proposal in May (much worse in comparison with former law) and issued a press release in the media about it. The position paper has been sent to the Parliamentarians and Green Action has negotiated with one parliamentarian to present our position during the debate.
01.02.06. 21:10
Natural Resources

Sava River protection to be more public

A new project was launched today in the four countries of the Sava River Basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia) to boost public involvement in water protection.
26.01.06. 01:00
Freshwater Press release

Two cases in Croatian waste management policy

This case study is designed to inform citizens about Croatia’s accession to the EU in the area of the environment, in an easy-to-under-stand way. It serves both as educational and lobbying tool aimed at informing citizens on the latest developments in environmental law and implementation, as well as influencing policy and decision makers in Croatia.
03.01.06. 20:00
Environmental Law

News: Corridor Vc motorway a waste of public money

Croatia needs a new transport strategy Green Forum, the Croatian environmental NGO network, has today issued a case study of the EUR 500 000 000 Corridor Vc motorway connecting Budapest, Osijek, Sarajevo and Ploce which claims that the project is unnecessary, environmentally destructive, and will not necessarily bring the expected economic benefits.
20.12.05. 02:00
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Bankwatch programme 2005 annual report

International Financial Institution Monitoring Programme Report 2005.
05.12.05. 01:00
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